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Article: Why Lab-Grown Diamonds Win Over Natural Diamonds?

Why Lab-Grown Diamonds Win Over Natural Diamonds?

Why Lab-Grown Diamonds Win Over Natural Diamonds?

Confused about buying lab-grown diamonds or naturally occurring diamonds? Here’s resolving all your queries as to why lab-grown diamonds win over the latter.

Lab-grown diamond jewelry is a great option when choosing your jewelry trousseau for a special occasion. The only difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds is in their origin. Lab-grown diamonds are curated in a lab artificially unlike diamonds that occur inside the Earth. However, lab-grown diamonds fare much better than natural diamonds in a lot of factors that would make you want to pick them over natural diamond jewelry any day.

There is no difference to the naked eye when you look at natural and lab-grown diamonds. However, lab-grown diamonds have a great edge over the former. Lab-grown diamonds are graded in the exact way as natural diamonds. Since they have the same chemical and physical composition as natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds also easily pass the diamond tester. They never lose their sparkle or color.

You may many questions like “Are lab-grown diamonds real?”, “What are lab-grown diamonds?”, “How are lab-grown diamonds made?”, “Where to buy lab-grown diamond jewelry from?”, among others. We got your back!

Here are some reasons to consider why lab-grown diamonds win over naturally mined diamonds and why you should consider buying lab-grown diamond jewelry next time to celebrate your special occasions:

  1. Lab-grown diamonds are 100% real diamonds

    Lab-grown diamonds are completely real. It does not matter that they are made in a lab artificially. The process of making them is exactly the same as natural diamonds and thus they are not at all inferior to naturally sourced diamonds.

  2. Lab-grown diamonds have the same properties as naturally sourced diamonds

    Lab-grown diamonds exhibit the exact physical and chemical features as natural diamonds and no one can make out any visible difference between the two.

  3. Lab-grown diamonds are cheaper than naturally sourced diamonds

    Since the costs of mining, transportation, and other costs of the supply chain are removed in the case of lab-grown diamonds, they retail at much cheaper rates and hence give the same quality at budget-friendly prices.

  4. Lab-grown diamonds are ethically sourced

    There is no involvement of issues like human rights violations, contribution to global warming, or depletion of non-renewable resources in the case of lab-grown diamonds. So it ensures that lab-grown diamonds are ethically sourced as compared to naturally occurring diamonds.

  5. Lab-grown diamonds are environmentally friendly

    Lab-grown diamonds are not mined. Mining leads to the release of carbon dioxide gas in the environment which contributes heavily to global warming. As the mining process gets eliminated in the making of lab-grown diamonds, they become environment-friendly and thus a sustainable choice.

  6. Lab-grown diamonds exhibit better quality than naturally sourced diamonds

    In the diamonds that occur naturally, one may find impurities that may enter during the formation of crystals from carbon. But in lab-grown diamonds, such impurities get eliminated as they are made under human-controlled conditions. This makes them fare better in terms of quality.

At CaratNest, you will get a huge assortment of lab-grown diamond jewelry in a variety of designs and styles at amazing prices. You can explore engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, diamond studs and bracelets. Trust the IGI-certified lab-grown diamond jewelry and experience the benefits of lab-grown diamonds over naturally sourced diamonds.

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