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Men's Bands

Forge your path with the bold brilliance of lab grown diamond Men's Bands. Rugged elegance meets ethical sourcing, for a statement piece that shines as brightly as your ambition.

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On saleNew ArrivalMagnificent Round Cut Diamond Band
Magnificent Round Cut Diamond Band
Sale priceFrom $2,944.00 Regular price$3,680.00
On saleAwesome Round Cut Diamond Band
Awesome Round Cut Diamond Band
Sale priceFrom $2,496.80 Regular price$3,121.00
On saleProdigious Round Cut Diamond Band
Prodigious Round Cut Diamond Band
Sale priceFrom $1,804.00 Regular price$2,255.00
On saleFabulous Round Cut Diamond Band
Fabulous Round Cut Diamond Band
Sale priceFrom $1,079.20 Regular price$1,349.00
Sold outOn saleIrradiant Round Diamond Band
Irradiant Round Diamond Band
Sale priceFrom $1,024.80 Regular price$1,281.00
On saleBest SellingCoruscation Baguette cut Diamond Band
Coruscation Baguette cut Diamond Band
Sale priceFrom $789.60 Regular price$987.00
Save $502.40New ArrivalWonderful Round Cut Diamond Band
Wonderful Round Cut Diamond Band
Sale price$2,009.60 Regular price$2,512.00
On saleBest SellingStupendous Round Cut Diamond Band
Stupendous Round Cut Diamond Band
Sale priceFrom $1,620.80 Regular price$2,026.00
On saleBest SellingPhenomenal Round Cut Diamond Band
Phenomenal Round Cut Diamond Band
Sale priceFrom $1,984.80 Regular price$2,481.00
On saleComfort FitGrandiose Round Cut Diamond Band
Grandiose Round Cut Diamond Band
Sale priceFrom $1,600.00 Regular price$2,000.00
On saleGallant Round Cut Diamond Band
Gallant Round Cut Diamond Band
Sale priceFrom $1,602.40 Regular price$2,003.00
On saleExtraordinary Round Cut Diamond Band
Extraordinary Round Cut Diamond Band
Sale priceFrom $1,743.20 Regular price$2,179.00
On saleComfort FitTrendy Round Cut Diamond Band
Trendy Round Cut Diamond Band
Sale priceFrom $2,197.60 Regular price$2,747.00
On saleAmazing Round Cut Diamond Band
Amazing Round Cut Diamond Band
Sale priceFrom $1,797.60 Regular price$2,247.00
Save $384.60Tremendous Round Cut Diamond Band
Tremendous Round Cut Diamond Band
Sale price$1,538.40 Regular price$1,923.00
On saleBest SellingSplendid Round Cut Diamond Band
Splendid Round Cut Diamond Band
Sale priceFrom $953.60 Regular price$1,192.00

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Men’s band is an under-explored category of jewelry. The entire focus shifts to the bride’s jewelry, making men’s jewelry an undiscussed topic. For engagements, weddings, or any celebration of life’s major events, you have men’s bands in diamond for the eternal sparkle of understated confidence. You can buy from a huge variety of men’s diamond bands at CaratNest online at amazing prices.

Men’s bands come in a metallic band made of silver or gold. The choice of metal you want to buy is completely yours. We provide customizations as well according to your needs and preferences. The metallic bands are studded with smaller diamonds, which are uniformly cut and placed around the band in the partial circumference of the men’s bands. The bands usually come with round-cut diamonds that adorn the metallic band effortlessly, giving it a chic and sophisticated look.

The bands come in a variety of styles in themselves. They can be uniformly round, twisted, single or multiple-layered, baguette-shaped, and cut designs, among others. You can also choose from a variety of sizes of round-cut diamonds that are set in the men's band. It is interesting to note that men’s bands at caratNest are made from lab-grown diamonds.

These are 100% real diamonds, the only difference being in their source of origin. Lab-grown diamonds are made in a lab under exact natural conditions using carbon to crystallize them. Making diamonds in a lab makes them ethically sourced, sustainable for the environment, and much cheaper than naturally mined diamonds. You can trust the premium quality of lab-grown diamond wedding bands for men owing to the IGI certification of these diamonds.

You can buy such beautiful wedding bands for men online at great prices from CaratNest. You can opt from some of the interesting designs like Grandiose Round Cut Diamond Band, Gallant Round Cut Diamond Band, Wonderful Round Cut Diamond Band, Stupendous Round Cut Diamond Band, Trendy Round Cut Diamond Band, Tremendous Round Cut Diamond Band, and our best selling Splendid Round Cut Diamond Band, among others. Buy these styles and more in the category of men’s bands online at CaratNest at amazing prices.


  1. What is a men’s diamond band?

    A men’s diamond band is a piece of diamond jewelry meant to be worn by men. It comes as a metallic band in silver or gold and is studded with smaller diamonds.

  2. What is the purpose of men’s diamond bands?

    Men can wear diamond bands for their engagements, weddings, or any celebrations. They can even be worn daily. Diamond men's bands are quite versatile.

  3. How to decide which men’s diamond band to buy?

    You can consider factors like the band design, the size of diamonds studded on the band, the metal type of the band- gold or silver, the prices, and the overall minimal to elaborate design types of the men’s bands.

  4. Is a lab-grown diamond men’s band a real diamond men’s diamond band?

    Yes. A lab-grown men’s diamond band is a 100% real men’s diamond band. With the same properties as naturally mined diamonds, the lab-grown diamond men’s bands are cheaper than the latter.