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Three Stone Rings

Shop our elegant collection of lab grown diamond three stone engagement rings. Crafted with precision and beauty, these rings showcase the perfect harmony of lab grown diamonds, symbolizing your love story. Explore our stunning selection today.

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On saleShiny Cushion Cut Wedding Ring
Shiny Cushion Cut Wedding Ring
Sale priceFrom $1,601.60 Regular price$2,002.00
On saleDaisy Heart Cut Wedding Ring
Daisy Heart Cut Wedding Ring
Sale priceFrom $1,602.40 Regular price$2,003.00
On saleNew ArrivalGrandiose Emerald Cut Diamond Ring
Grandiose Emerald Cut Diamond Ring
Sale priceFrom $1,600.80 Regular price$2,001.00
On salePetalpure Princess Shape Engagement Ring
Petalpure Princess Shape Engagement Ring
Sale priceFrom $1,604.80 Regular price$2,006.00
On saleNew ArrivalTechtide Emerald Cut Wedding Ring
Techtide Emerald Cut Wedding Ring
Sale priceFrom $1,601.60 Regular price$2,002.00
On saleComfort FitFascinate Cushion Shape Diamond Wedding Ring
Fascinate Cushion Shape Diamond Wedding Ring
Sale priceFrom $2,053.60 Regular price$2,567.00

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Embrace Luxury with the Elegant Three Stone Diamond Rings

Diamonds are girls’ best friends. They are the epitome of grace and grandeur at the same time. Three-stone rings in diamond stone are the celebration of one’s union with their loved one. With the innovation of lab-grown diamonds, one can now opt for a more sustainable and ethical alternative to natural diamonds. Find three-stone rings at Caratnest with exquisite designs that exude elegance and adorn your special moments with priceless glitter.

Three-stone lab-grown diamond three-stone rings have a design with one focal lab-grown diamond studded in the middle and two smaller diamonds on either side of the ring. The band can be plain or studded with little diamonds as well. You can find unique designs in the category of three-stone rings. One of the most unique designs is a daisy heart-shaped ring with a solitaire band that can be a remarkable testimony to the glorious union of your love story. You can buy three-stone rings online in the USA at great prices.

Other designs available are emerald cut wedding ring, princess shape engagement ring, and cushion cut wedding ring. You can choose an emerald-cut diamond ring to celebrate the enduring commitment of your unison. The cushion cut wedding ring design with its soft edges exudes priceless regality and shimmer, that is made of a square or rectangular-shaped lab-grown diamond, resembling a cushion. Pick a princess shape engagement ring with the flawless finish of lab-grown diamond three-stone rings. You can choose from endless options to make your best choice.

The goodness of lab-grown diamond three-stone rings cannot be ignored. Buy three-stone rings online in the USA to mark your cherished moments. The simplicity of solitaire bands combined with the exquisite diamonds makes for a great piece of embellishment.

One should choose lab-grown diamond three-stone rings to buy in the USA as they are ethically sourced, environmentally friendly, and crafted with expertise. The costs of transportation and natural sourcing are eliminated. Therefore, you can easily consider buying three-stone rings to celebrate your marital union. Buy three-stone rings online in the USA at amazing prices.


  1. What does a lab-grown diamond three-stone ring mean?

    A lab-grown diamond three-stone rings symbolizes the existence of the past, present, and future of the couple. The focal diamond in the center stands for the couple’s present.

  2. Why should I choose lab-grown diamond three-stone rings over natural diamonds?

    Lab-grown diamond three-stone rings are much more budget-friendly than natural diamond rings. They are environmentally friendly and offer the same properties as naturally sourced diamonds.

  3. Is it OK to wear three-stone rings?

    If you are looking for a more elaborate look for your engagement ring, then three-stone rings in different shapes and sizes are apt. Explore designs like solitaire, radiant cut, princess cut, cushion cut, oval or round shape.

  4. Is a three-stone ring made of lab-grown diamond a real diamond ring?

    Yes, three-stone rings made of lab-grown diamonds are 100% real diamond rings. For cheaper rates, they have the same characteristics as naturally mined diamonds.